Kumbier IT

Digital Architects for a Digital World

Who we are

Digital Architects

? Architects plan, develop and build housing. To do so, they develop an understanding of the clients requirements, design an attractive solution and build a livable home. We do the same - just with software.

! As Digital Architects, we work closely with our clients through agile methodologies and pride ourselves in detailed requirements engineering leading to well-tailored solutions and high-quality implementations.

> We hate bad software and refuse to create such.

Pragmatic Consultants

? Each company is individual, each project is different - or are they? Very often, clients approach us carefully, because they hired fanatic consultants, which always have the one perfect solution. Just do this, and you're fine.

! We advise clients with our knowledge - but we eat our own dog food, too. Since we have worked in so many different projects, companies and fields, we have gained a diverse experience and can refer this knowledge to our future customers. This well-equipped toolbox allows for the adequate solution for the specific problem.

Full-Stack Specialists

> Because we do not only consult, but write custom software for our clients as well, we continuously refine our own stack and development process. This consists of adequate agile methodologies, pair programming, mandatory code reviews, fully automated continuous integration and deployment onto our bare-metal kubernetes clusters, testing microservice strategies and meddling with cutting-edge technologies to learn their potential benefits and limitations.

What we do

We build and use Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology means freedom for developers and cost reduction for business. We create your cloud journey with bare-metal kubernetes or Azure, AWS or GCE.

We empower teams with DevOps

Putting responsibility where it belongs - deploy with ease, reduce outage times and empower your team.

We consult on Clean Code

Code is Poetry - we help writing maintainable, durable and beautiful code and how to secure it with a sustainable test suite.

We build teams with Agile Principles

We empower your team with agile pragmatism instead of scrum fanatism and help building customer-centric products.